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The Newport Institute was founded by David Irvine and Jim Reger. The pair joined forces to author the popular book "The Authentic Leader" and out of their collaboration came the plans for the institute. Both are sought-after keynote speakers with topics focusing on leadership, accountability and organizational behaviour.

David Irvine

Best-selling author David Irvine is among North America’s most sought-after corporate speakers and mentors. His unique, personal approach to human dynamics has helped hundreds of leaders transform their organizations, build more accountable, productive, vital workplaces and enjoy their lives.
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Jim Reger

Jim Reger’s passion and commitment for facilitating powerful and effective change in individuals and organizations is evident in his work, which is focused on assisting leaders in building authentic lives and cultures in their organizations, families and communities.
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Natasha Reger

Natasha Reger has been facilitating and designing business workshops and seminars since 1992. Her passion is people and assisting them in being more effective in their interpersonal communications - whether as members of a business, an association team or as members of a family.
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OliverOliver Jervis
A international consultant and speaker since 1998, Oliver works with individuals, and organizations towards letting go of preconceived rules and limitations, and has them step into creating lives, cultures, and families that are centered in what truly brings them alive.
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