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Authentic Leaders

It is our view that authentic leadership is about presence, not position. Leadership is a decision. When a decision is made to contribute to the betterment of the world [or to one’s environment], one is a leader. While the journey to authenticity begins with being true to one’s authentic self, authentic leadership is about inspiring, guiding and supporting others to discover and express their own uniqueness.

Regardless of the leadership role, authentic leadership impacts others through the strength of an authentic presence. Whether one is a CEO, an administrator, a parent, an artist, a school teacher, a nurse, or a community volunteer – opportunities are always available for the expression of authentic leadership.

Simply put, being an authentic leader is synonymous with being oneself. It is that simple, but it is also that difficult! The power in leadership is not in being right, but in being real. Authentic leaders have a strong sense of who they are. Character is one key component; understanding oneself is another.

Authentic leaders are on a path to seek clarity. They are compelled to a lifelong journey of knowing their voice, their soul, and their purpose – and then acting on this awareness as they inspire and support others to do the same. They give other people permission to have inner trust and to be true to themselves.

Authentic leaders don’t motivate so much as they inspire others, through a deep connection that stems from their moral courage and their passion to be in service.