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About Us

The Newport Institute for Authentic Living was founded to create authentically aligned individuals, organizations, families, and communities by helping to create cultures that align the desires of the souls of those that work and live within it.

We do this through personal learning experiences – presentations, publications, workshops, and intensive retreats – for individual and leaders who are committed to impacting these systems.

We also take organizations, families, and communities through the Values Alignment Process™ to assist them in their commitment to create systems that support the growth of the authentic self in a way that better meets the needs of all stakeholders. We leave people with insightful and practical processes and tools for personal and organizational development toward creating more fully authentic, human organizations, where great people are attracted and retained.

Our Purpose:

Our higher purpose is to inspire and guide individuals and leaders in creating more authentic lives of meaning and significance for themselves and for those they lead and love.

Our Core Values:

We are passionate about discovering the truth about ourselves and assisting others on this journey. We will not expect anything more from our clients than we expect from ourselves. We live what we teach.

We are being open to be challenged; to remaining curious about life – recognizing that every experience is a learning opportunity and every obstacle a potential lesson.

We hold ourselves accountable for the choices we make and are committed to keeping our word to ourselves and everyone we deal with.

We recognize that each person is an individual spiritual being with free will and each person’s journey is unique. In all of our product and service offerings we will respect and honor the individual and the choices they make for themselves.

We will pursue unwavering personal and professional integrity – acting in an ethical, honest and trustworthy manner in every relationship.

Our work is not the totality of our worth. Our work is a tool, a means, for creating what matters most in our lives.