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Authentic Organizations

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We have defined authentic leadership as the process of finding and
expressing one’s authentic voice, and then inspiring others to find
and express theirs. Being authentic – aligning your soul’s desires
with your life’s choices, in the service of others – is what gives
deep satisfaction and fulfillment in life.

Authentic organizations are communities where there is an alignment between the organization’s needs and the soul’s desires of the individuals who make up the organization. People today are hungry and desperate for greater balance between their work and their personal life. There must be a high level of alignment between the organizational core values and the personal values of the people who work there if there is any hope of achieving a truly authentic organization. When employees genuinely believe their work has a deeper purpose and meaning they will bring their passions and unique gifts to work, and in the process, create superior results.
When authentic leaders build authentic organizations where relationships are built on connectedness and trust, when pressure mounts, these relationships actually grow and deepen.

We have discovered, while assisting to navigate people to their authentic self, that in order to be authentic, they have to be accountable. The cornerstone to authenticity is accountability. Authentic leaders are therefore accountable individuals and authentic organizations are made up of accountable leaders who are committed to creating and building a culture based on alignment of a clear set of core values. These values must be articulated, shared, and LIVED at every level of the organization. An authentic organization is both values-centered and results-driven and the bridge is accountability.

Authentic organizations are driven by a higher purpose – a mission to make a difference in the lives of all their stakeholders – their customers, owners, employees, suppliers, families and their communities.