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Programs and Events

We have developed a wide range of programs to help businesses and individuals develop new skills and reshape how the view their surroundings.

Keynote Speeches and Workshops

Our keynote speeches and sessions are entertaining, educational and inspirational. These sessions will engage your participants and empower them to make meaningful change in their lives and organizations.

Each keynote is tailored to the needs and makeup of your audience. We recognize that your group is unique and will make every effort to make sure the content exceeds their expectations.

Our workshops are designed to give participants a new way to look at traditional business challenges, and offers tools and ideas for how to create lasting change and improvement in their organizations.

Specialized Programs

We have created a number of programs specific to unique sectors. With our years of experience in the field and working with clients, we've been able to develop these programs to combing best practices with the unique attributes of the sector. Our unique blend of keynotes and workshops both enlighten and educate.

Individual Programs (individual retreats)

Our individual programs are designed to help participants live lives of meaning and significants through authenticity. Throughout the year, the Newport Institute hosts multi-day retreats that provide the perfect setting for personal development.If you are interested in 3-5 day retreats please email your contact information to and we will email you details later in the year.

In addition to our books and publications, we are developing a number of specific programs that you can use to help guide your authentic journey.