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Authentic Leadership In Education:
Bringing Heart and Soul Back To School

Presenter: David Irvine, M.S.W.
Format: 4 one-day sessions spaced throughout the year
Target Audience: Principals, Assistant Principals, Team Leaders, and Consultants


Leaders in education care deeply about their schools. But in a society with an increasing emphasis on economics and achievement and a decreasing value placed on the children in our culture, the heart and soul of education is being eroded. David Irvine’s mission is to inspire, support and guide leaders to restore the true purpose in their work. In education, his purpose is to foster systems that build character and citizenship in students, preparing them to meet a changing world with a love for learning and the confidence to bring forth their unique gifts and true voice. In order to accomplish this, you, as leaders, must bring heart and soul to your teachers and staff so they in turn, can give their heart and soul to their students.

Great leadership can no longer be reduced to technique; great leadership comes from the identity and integrity of the leader. The ultimate purpose of leadership in today’s schools is to design and foster organizations that serve both society and the soul of the teachers and support staff that work within them. The power of authenticity is an enduring approach for renewing and sustaining workplaces and communities that are depleted and where the human spirit can be trampled, overworked, and undervalued.

Promised Outcomes and Value:
An engaging, invigorating program that provides meaningful insights, practical tools, and increased connection and support for creating a life-giving school.

  • Renew passion and commitment by re-focusing on what matters most in education.
  • Explore what it means to make profound and lasting change, both in yourself and in those you serve.
  • Have a deeper and sustaining effect on the people that you lead and love.
  • Find your authentic voice as a leader, and inspire others to find theirs.
  • Inspire trust and commitment through a stronger authentic presence.
  • Take the journey toward living an undivided life.
  • Make connections with people who will support you to stay on track.
  • Discover a greater sense of purpose, meaning, and significance in your life and your work as a leader in education.

Take this opportunity to step out of the fray, engage important questions, gain perspective, insight, colleagueship, and a deepened competence in the practice of leadership – in ways that meet the changing landscape of today’s communities, organizations and our wider society. In this personal and practical program, David will share his profoundly human perspective on leadership and life. Come prepared for an inspirational, thought-provoking, and life-changing experience. You will leave with fresh inspiration and practical tools to amplify your impact as a leader – in every area of your life.

Who Should Attend:
This program is intended for people committed to deepening their capacity as leaders in both formal and informal leadership roles in education. Regardless of your position, if you are committed to lead with a sense of presence beyond techniques or titles, to have a more lasting effect on those you lead and love, then this experience will be life-changing for you.

During this year-long program, David promises to take you on a reflective, renewing, and invigorating path toward remembering the true spirit of education. He will navigate you through the inner and outer work of leadership to create life-giving learning communities that encourage and support the unique gifts of teachers and staff and restore what matters most in our schools.