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The High Performance Company: the Power of Alignment
Every day, you see your employees walk in the door. They bring their bodies with them. But do they bring all their talent? Their resources? Their creativity?

Reaching Real Leadership: the Power of Authenticity
You are not born a leader. You learn to be a leader. You make a personal choice to lead; To change the world around you by your presence.

Deep Accountability: the Power of Agreement
Everybody’s saying it: business needs to be accountable: leaders, employees and organizations. So why do most accountability programs fail?

Embracing Change: the Power of Possibility
To survive, your business has to change. As a leader, you’re the agent of change. But where’s your road map? Where are your tools?

Simple Living in the Corporate World: Business and Balance
As business leaders, we spend every day putting out fires. Then one day we look inside ourselves and notice - the fire’s out. What happened?

Organizational Schizophrenia: Preserving Your Mental Health in the Midst of Contradictions
Life and leadership in organizations can be very complex, wearing us down with endless contradictions. This session will help you discover your most powerful resource in the midst of organizational schizophrenia, preserve your integrity and sustain your accountability.

Public Service Workshops - Authentic Leadership: Building Respectful, Healthy Workplace Through Integrity and Values Alignment (2 sessions described)

Getting to the Heart of Business Families – Seven (7) Sessions
It is a challenge to build a business, and it is a challenge to raise a family. Combining the two can lead to failure or fulfillment. Click for an overview of many sessions that help you work with the ones you love.

Raising Accountable Young People - Keynote Presentation for Parents
Parenting in today’s fast-paced, self-indulgent and materialistic society is not easy. Never has there been a more important time to instil accountability in young people and help them grow into adults capable of facing life with self-reliance. David Irvine understands the importance of raising responsible, resourceful and resilient children who treat themselves and others with dignity and regard.

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