The Reger Group

Keynote Sessions & Workshops

Led by Jim Reger and Natasha Reger, our keynote sessions and workshops are entertaining, educational and inspirational. These sessions will engage your participants and empower them to make meaningful changes in their lives and organizations.

Each keynote is tailored to the needs and makeup of your audience. We recognize that your group is unique and will make every effort to make ensure the content exceeds their expectations. Most keynotes can be combined to include a workshop to offer your group the most comprehensive learning possible.

Our session topics

The Authentic Leader: It's About PRESENCE, Not Position
How often have you found yourself at work and discovered that there is some vital, valuable part of yourself that didn’t travel there with you?

Creating a Shared Vision - Successful Succession Planning
Explore the challenges faced by business families as they move through the life cycles from generation to generation – and discover some of the lessons learned about how to organize and deal with the special dynamics involved with succession and other unique family business issues.

Deep Accountability: the Power of Agreement
Everybody’s saying it: business needs to be accountable: leaders, employees and organizations. So why do most accountability programs fail?

The High Performance Company: the Power of Alignment
Every day, you see your employees walk in the door. They bring their bodies with them. But do they bring all their talent, their resources, their creativity?

Living a Life of Meaning and Significance ...Our Higher Purpose
Those who are clear about their true purpose are self-motivated to give life their best all of the time with the knowledge that everyone benefits when they do – their organizations, their families, their communities – and most importantly, themselves.

Reaching Real Leadership: the Power of Authenticity
You are not born a leader. You learn to be a leader. You make a personal choice to lead; To change the world around you by your presence.

Our workshop topics

Creative Planning and Problem Solving: Authentic Leadership in Practice
Originally developed by Disney Studios, these time-tested and proven techniques will show you how to generate and evaluate innovative ideas for your business in a way that creates buy-in and commitment from all team members.

Effective Feedback: Authentic Leadership in Practice
Retaining key self-motivated employees is critical to the success of your organization. These are the people ultimately responsible for achieving your organizational goals. Providing feedback on a consistent basis, formally and informally, is the most effective way that authentic leaders build the trust and accountability necessary to achieve this.

Effective Relationships: A Key to Being a High Performance Leader
Successful leaders consist of individuals who can effectively negotiate relationships, who can be flexible and adaptable thereby realizing the full potential of their relationships with others.

Hiring Solutions: Authentic Leadership in Practice
Hiring and managing people who can and will perform to their maximum potential is crucial to the success of any business.

Performance Management: Authentic Leadership in Practice
Through the Performance Management System you will develop a solid basis of communication between you (the manager/supervisor) and your employees in order to assist them in understanding their roles and their accountability in meeting overall company goals. Employees must know what is expected of them in meeting overall business strategies.

Service for Success: Developing an Authentic Culture
Organizations that prosper in the changing market place of the coming years will be those that succeed in adopting customer service as a way of life. Indifferent or poor service happens all by itself but exceptional service must be planned.